Gergely Krizbai - Krizbo (1988) Barcsay Award-winning graphic designer, and fine artist. He completed his art studies at the Institute of Applied Art in Sopron and then at the Design Campus in Győr, specializing in Graphic Design. He was a founding member and later president of the Workshopron Art College.
In 2016, he won the logo competition of the Mayor's Office of Szentendre, and his logo is now used in official communication. His graphics illustrated the September 2016 issue of the magazine "Kortárs" - his work was awarded the "Artist of the Year" prize. In 2019, the Mayor's Office of Szentendre donated his Kucsera-graphics to Pope Francis, and they were given to the Vatican Gallery.
He regularly exhibits at the Szekler Graphic Biennale, Posterfest, and the Budapest Illustration Festival. His prints were awarded the NFT Prize to the FINA world record-breaking swimmers Gábor Milák and Thomas Ceccon in 2022. He was honored with the Barcsay Award in 2022. 
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