In April 2020, Design_is_so, run by the MOME student community, invited me to a "takeover" – that is, for a week I was allowed to upload content using the story mode of the magazine's Instagram account. Every day I uploaded a 30-second time-lapse video, which was later published on my instagram account too.
The videos showed the process of creating a graphic I had drawn that day. Each of the seven videos had a unique soundtrack written especially for the images, composed by my brother, Domokos Krizbai Krizbai, frontman of the Sauropoda Trio.
The videos show the process of creating a drawing, from sketch to finished image.
The 11 April drawing coincided with Hungarian Poetry Day - I decided to reflect on the occasion with a portrait of Attila József.
The drawings reflect current themes: life in the digital space, the war for toilet paper, and the anxiety of voluntary quarantine.
An influencer in the middle of the apocalypse.
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