In July 2022 I illustrated a live concert of László Halper and Zsolt Kosztyu Duo at the Budapest Jazz Club. All the drawings were done on the spot, inspired by the song being played, without any sketches. Every image was fully improvised.
The colour and composition of the drawings were determined by the colour scheme of the stage - making the graphics completely site-specific. 
I followed the concert live from the mixing desk. For each drawing I took into account the short stories and interludes told by the musicians, making the graphics more vivid. Like the songs, I didn't know these stories before. All the drawings were made with an iPad.
This is how it looked in real-time on the stage.
A total of 16 illustrations were created during the roughly 90-minute concert. In practice, this means that a drawing was completed in about 5 minutes – without any preliminary planning.
It was an amazingly intense experience! 
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