In 2017, I was asked by photographer Máté Bach and poet Zita Izsó to design the cover of their interview book "Pesti Nő". In the book, you can read interviews with women living in Budapest.
Their stories are moving, entertaining, or thought-provoking. Éva Fahidi started dancing in the nineties as a Holocaust survivor, Mari Hosszú was a hero of 1956, Zita Zárug has cycled the globe on a bicycle, Danuta Kozák has been in every water with a kayak. Who would think a woman would give up her office job to clean? Do we expect to get into a taxi with a woman driver? Have we ever met an actor-turned-insurance agent to whom we can air our grievances at any time? Or a barman who lets the girls dance on the table?
Zita Izsó and Máté Bach's book of interviews brings The Women of Pest to life. In addition to everyday heroes, Mari Törőcsik, Bori Péterfy, Noé Tibor Kiss, among others, talk about what it is like to live in the skin of a real Pest woman here in Pest today.
I drew the houses in the background based on the buildings around the Keleti Pályaudvar. All drawings were done individually, with pen and paper, without using digital techniques.
I didn't draw a face for the character, to represent all the women in the book. 
Of course, several versions and sketches were made.
I was really happy when the book was published!
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