In February 2021, my friend and fellow artist Gergő "Kaska" Juhász and I were invited to design and create the decoration of the main hall and a corridor of the Szentendre City Guest House. After selecting the design, we implemented the plans in the existing colors of the Guest House: both of the drawings are based on a Szentendre.
Sketches for the final design
The picture was painted without projection, based on a hand-drawn sketch.
Finished painting of the main hall.
A másik kép a Vendégház szobái felé vezető lépcsőfordulóba készült, ezen Scholtz Krisztivel volt szerencsénk együtt dolgozni. 
From below, it can feel like a kitten sitting at the top of the stairs.
Gergő Juhász with "Kaska" in front of the finished painting.
The sketch, compared to the final product.
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